Important information SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun has ended the season
Angebot-Après Ski Zug-Andermatt

Après Ski Train


The ride between Andermatt und Disentis is the longest Après-Ski-train ride in whole Switzerland!

A converted panorama carriage turns the trip between Andermatt and Disentis into the longest après ski train journey in Switzerland! Choose from a wide selection of beverages and simple meals at the bar, then enjoy these in the comfortable lounge area to the accompaniment of great music and fabulous views. You will need a valid ski or train ticket to travel on the après-ski train. Food and/or beverages must be consumed.

Time Table

21.December 2019 until 13. march 2020


Andermatt- Disentis

Ab Andermatt8.289.2812.2813.28
Oberalppass an8.509.5012.5013.50
Dieni an9.0910.0913.0914.09
Sedrun an9.1410.1413.1414.14
Disentis an9.3910.3813.3914.38

Disentis- Andermatt

Disentis ab10.1411.1414.1415.14
Sedrun ab10.3111.3114.3115.31
Dieni ab10.3611.3614.3615.36
Oberalppass ab10.5311.5314.5315.53
Andermatt an11.1912.1915.1916.19





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